Salah Khawaja

Salah spent 15+ years in the financial sector in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Initially 11+ years as a management consultant with Deloitte. He then moved to J. P. Morgan and Bank of America where he spent 5 years in the Investment Bank running transformation related projects. Wanting to give back and recognizing the magnitude of the education crises he founded Khud. He believes that education technology coupled with self-learning is the 21st century solution to tackle the education crisis.


Mohammed Qasim Mehdi

Qasim specializes in history and politics. Equipped with understanding of the past, he understands the dilemmas of socio-economic challenges faced by communities in the developing world. For this, he wants to come up with innovative approaches that can supplant traditional education; extensive use of technology to accelerate the learning process. Apart from his experience in academia and research, Qasim is also a novelist, a tree-hugger and loves trekking in the wildernesses of Northern Pakistan.


Bilal Afzal Khan

Bilal graduated from LUMS and joined Teach For Pakistan with an aim to transform the lives of under-privileged children. He likes to discuss Pakistan and International affairs as the flame inside of him to bring about change keeps on burning. Under the platform of USEFP’s Opportunity Fund project, he has trained students so that they could pursue their education in the US. To improve the learning outcomes of students, he is training teachers, educators and education manager all over the Punjab by working as a Training Consultant for British Council’s PEELI (Punjab Education and English language Initiative).


Yasmin Shahid

Yasmin completed her B.Sc. from LCWU in 1978 and afterwards she started working in Defence Public School and became Senior Mistress in 2002. After attending different workshops on teachers’ training, she wished to serve children of remote areas in Lahore. In 2012, she established an English Medium School named “Zahoor Ahmad Public School” near a village, 25 km from Lahore. This area of underprivileged people was indeed her targeted community. It is up to sixth grade now with a total of 150 students. 



Hassan Aftab

Hassan has a focus in Politics and Economics and completed his bachelors from LUMS. Prior to joining Khud, he has been a part of multiple research projects, worked as an Entrepreneur for a start-up, and served in a managerial position at an emerging textile buying office. He is deeply interested in the reformation of current education system of Pakistan rooted in the rusty industrial aged values and wants to implement his practical knowledge in solving the challenges. He is also a poet, a star-gazer, a soccer fan and an individual deeply interested in the question of existence.



Minahil Mehdi

A fresh graduate from the Lahore University of Management and Sciences. She is a student of literature, with a focus on politics, the social sciences, and religion. She has an avid interest in interfaith issues, including community growth, interaction between religious communities, and integration of marginalized communities into the mainstream. Minahil has been at the forefront of initiatives and projects in the field of education especially for underprivileged children of Pakistan. She was the brains and the effort behind Project Youhanabad, a community initiative designed to help alleviate psychological suffering of Christian children who had witnessed repeated attacks on their worship places.