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Scratch Programming and Intern Experiences

As Khud's Summer Internship Program 2016 comes to close, three of the interns working on Scratch Programming share their experiences.

Ahmad Afzal

This was my second venture with Khud and I feel that  they are doing some remarkable work for an incredible cause. There is nothing more fulfilling than enabling students to learn skills that are relevant and needed in the modern day world. The students and I worked together to understand basic computer skills even though they didn't have any prior computer know how. Scratch is an incredible programming tool by MIT and easy to learn for children and I feel that it must be the part of our education framework. Khud is perhaps the first education institution that has picked on the changing trends and incorporated it in their teaching schedules from which this generation of students is going to benefit a great deal!

I am looking forward to working with this incredible team again and learn from their visionary approach to solve Pakistan's education crisis. 


Bilal Ahmad Khan:

My journey with Khud began in 2015. My friends and I made a five member (5x Rivals) team. We were assigned a task by Khud to make a game. The game is called Captain Warner and is right now available on Android Playstore.

During summers of 2016, Khud selected some interns for their EdTech Platform for various tasks in different schools. It has been a wonderful journey to teach children, and in the process, I started getting different experiences.


Children were so cooperative and inspired when they came to know that they will learn Scratch programming. The kids were inquisitive, they tried leveraging their time and have perform well. Though the children came from marginalized areas and had very little grasp over computers, it was so astonishing that the kids learned really well and kept pace with our weekly planners. To teach children, we have designed and completed different tasks; quizzes, games etc.

In process you start loving children so called the little programmers of the future. I hope these kids have a bright future and I pray that they will flourish in their lives. I am sure, these children will work for betterment of the Nation and their community.


Hamza Tariq:

My experience with Khud was great. I really enjoyed my internship. I experienced many great moments while teaching. I will cherish these moment and feelings in years to come. While teaching Scratch programming, the main project I was tasked with is to make an online curriculum of Scratch using packed options.

For this, I used variety of tools; EdX, Youtube, MIT and Harvard curriculum. I did my best to make it. My seniors were very cooperative they guided me appropriately. In future I want to work with Khud if possible. I wish the management and the children all the best in their future endeavors.


Khud Launches Summer Internship Program


Khud Launches Summer Internship Program

Cut, Design, Plant; a summer of abstractive adaption at Khud!

Khud launches its summer internship program giving young and aspiring teachers an opportunity to interact and enable students at our three schools in Lahore. After a steady expansion over the past two years this is the first Summer internship program initiated in order so that freshly recruited teachers might be exposed to and trained into building a self learning based Ed-Tech platform in close connection with our core team.

Members of Core Team and Interns planning the summer program:


This summer the students will be engaged in a diverse range of activities that have been foundational to the vision of Khud since its conception. An alternative means of learning enabled by the Socratic means of exploring inherent curiosity of our students will be indulged into.

Here’s a sneak peak into what the summer project looks like;

Individuals, artists, designers, dreamers, visionaries all meet and try that a lightening of wisdom strikes. It does. Our team begins developing programs on the MIT's & Harvard's Scratch program. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century. A concrete step into self learning. Scratch will be implemented in all the three school branches.


The next lightening wisdom strikes by incorporating Raspberry Pi in our teaching module.  The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch. A design that compliments our tools and aims for self learning. This too will be launched in all three schools.

Once our students exhaust themselves from celebrating the joy of these two additions we will move towards a more serene and subtle celebration; indulging in nature. Organic farming will be introduced. It will be a blend of outdoor and indoor activities that offer a wonderful synthesis of science and nature leading (literally) to a fruitful produce.

Alongside this we will continue preparing presentations, translations and video editing topped with polishing language and mathematical skills. Arts will hold a special importance for everybody too.

That’s just a glimpse for all the coolness we have in store to beat the summer heat. Stay tuned to hear from our volunteers, teachers and the students themselves. Deeper insights coming soon!

Salah Khwaja, founder of Khud, interacting with the interns:


Intern teaching "Scratch Programming" at Marghazar School (Wapda Town):


Students of Grade 6 at Zahoor School working on "English Acceleration":