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Meaning of Khud and Our Progress

Khud means self in Urdu. As we chronicle our journey, we plan to always focus on the self.

The 12 children we started with created there first presentation in 3 months. Amazing progress. They worked on diverse ideas (how does google work? what makes art great? ...)

Now the time is to move on ... get their focus onto different areas.

We are taking a different route now. We will pick 4 successful companies and let the children produce a case study on how they are best at what they do.

Here are the companies: Apple, Porsche, Acumen Fund, Medipak.

The study can be a presentation or a simple website or something the kids can dream up?

45 days - let's see what they come up with. I can't wait to see the results.

That is what Khud is about. Giving children a chance to full realize the potential of the "self."

Thank you for reading and well wishes.

[If you wish to support us you can donate a laptop or sponsor a scholarship.]