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All You Need to Know about Bitcoins


All You Need to Know about Bitcoins

Millenniums ago, our hunter-gatherer ancestors began trade through barter system. As they settled and established numerous civilizations, precious metals, coins and stones were used to trade different commodities. Next came the notion of paper currency from China. Steadily, its nature too has changed overtime, but generally the nation-state backed banks have held control over the individual currencies. In an attempt to break the dominance of centralized state-managed currencies, an unidentified programmer codenamed “Satoshi Nakamoto,” introduced a ground breaking digital currency, ‘Bitcoins’.

Powerpoint Presentation about Bitcoin (click to see more)

Inspired by the success of digital currency and anticipating the bright future of bitcoins, a group of students at Khud’s partner school – Bostan Public School - was given this topic to create a presentation about. These young learners struggled in the beginning as it was a new concept for them.

Wondering what have they learned? Want to know about Bitcoins? Interested in making profits through digital currency?


Then, watch these kids in the video explaining ‘bitcoin’ in simple language.



Breaking Barriers and Giving Back

The adage "chance favors the bold" should be updated to reflect the times - "changes favors the bold with opportunities." Opportunities are aplenty for the privileged. Can we break the barriers in our class-divided society to make it more egalitarian and give opportunities to children who are not as fortunate?

This is at the heart of what we are doing at Khud. At Demo Day we had children from our program give insightful presentation on a range of topics - from Artificial Intelligence to Climate Change. In the audience, Zain Bokhari, an astute young observer, noticed the life-changing power of giving such opportunities.

He created this deeply-touching video: 

This is what he had to say:

Each one of us, plays a part in society. Putting oneself in the shoes of a person who is less fortunate makes one realize how we take things for granted. It is time we stepped back to reflect. Success is a measure of aspirations and how hard one works while at the same time educating oneself (“Khud”) and how we can contribute to the welfare of others. It is time we raise awareness to “Giving Back” to the society.

In bridging the gap, we not only give opportunity but we get the opportunity to learn by broadening our (class constrained) horizons. This gives me hope. 


Khud EdTech - Demo Day

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Khud EdTech - Demo Day

We are hosting a Demo Day. Friends and family from NY to Dubai to Lahore will get the opportunity to see the life-altering work we are doing. Within months underprivileged children who had not seen a computer are now designing presentations, editing videos and learning basic programming. We are employing innovative techniques and have truly transformed these kids (with limited teacher intervention). 

We have an exciting agenda planned, starting at 9 am:

  • Children will share their work on artificial intelligence, climate change, stock market and much more
  • True "farm to table" food
  • 4x4 ATV Track where kids (and adults!) can get some thrills!

It will take about an hour to get to the Zahoor School (Khud's first partner school). Below is a map of the location.




Some pictures of the gaon:


Video of ATVing:

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Khud Digital Skills - Pakistan Fashion

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Khud Digital Skills - Pakistan Fashion

At our second school there is a tailoring vocational school. We are working with a group of young ladies to build a Pakistan Fashion news aggregator - website initially, then an iPhone App. The goal is to bring this vocational school into the 21 century - imparting modern skills for a modern world.

Singer Stitching Machines EdTech Vocational School Lahore Khud Mughalpura
Stitching EdTech Vocational School Lahore Khud Mughalpura

We are building a structured program using self-learning techniques to get this group to build the aggregator. Content selection, graphic design and so much more.

Lahore Khud EdTech Digital Skills Pakistan Fashion Mughalpura Vocational

One of the students Bushra Amjad has shown great progress. In a very short while (2-3 weeks), she has mastered the basics of Structure Query Language (SQL) from Khan Academy Tutorials.

Other have made great strides in how to edit photographs and carry out marketing of a mobile application.

Lahore Khud EdTech Digital Skills Photo Editing Mughalpura Pakistan Fashion Vocational

We shared the progress of this project (as well other areas that Khud is working on) with Center for Education Innovation (CEI). CEI is focused on NGOs 

striving to increase not only access, but also the quality of education for children in low income communities

Their goal is to

provide systemic and easy-to-access information and evidence about these programs around the world, both big and small. This public good can then aid in global understanding about the results of education innovations, and how to support those that show promise to scale their positive impact

CEI is very interested in our innovative approach to tackling Pakistan's education crises. Especially how we combine self-learning and technology to get around the dearth of qualified teachers. Duncan McCullough of CEI was nice enough to spend time with us and add Khud to the CEI database of education NGOs. We look forward to collaborating with CEI. 

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Introducing Khud

Khud is a small experiment hoping to make a big impact. Khud's mission is to give underprivileged children in Pakistan (and maybe beyond?) a fighting chance.  

The Pakistan education crisis has multiple insane dimensions. To boil it down quantitatively:

  • 25 Million children do not go to school
  • 1.25 Million teachers are needed

Qualitatively the news is not good either. The children that are in school are not exactly getting a great education. The rote-learning based system does not prepare them to tackle the world in truly productive way. 

Khud is not going to reinvent the wheel. We plan to take take insights from:

  • Socrates and his method around letting students arrive at their own conclusions
  • Maria Montessori and her approach that encouraged children to play and teach themselves
  • Sugata Mitra and his approach around self organized learning

The plan is to start this experiment in a school on the outskirts of Lahore. Make mistakes, gather data, learn - be agile. Then scale. 

Wish us luck. Share our story. Connect with us.

Stay tuned for more.