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Delivering Impact - 30 Day Plan

30 Day Plan Doodle Handwritten

We are back, post Ramadan. Here is our plan for the next 30 days. Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you. 

Focused on these areas:

1. projects
2. guest speakers
3. movie night
4. grade 4 plan
5. blog posts 
6. website v2
7. miscellaneous  

Interested in the details? Read on below.

We will also be introducing the team behind this. One post at a time!

Look forward to sharing more details with you all.





This is what we will try to do.  We have to get this right. If we do, we will have a running start in making a dramatic impact on the life of these kids and set them up for something great.



1. Project

DAY 1 

show  a simple video around "what is the internet?"

then show a simple video around "what is a presentation"

also, show some great sample presentations

then split in 4 groups (if they aren't in them already)

assign each one a topic - this is what TED Prize winner Sugata calls "big questions"

we are going to take it to the next level

and give them 30 days to work on a presentation

here are the 4 questions
1) what is success? 
2) what is wordpress?
3) how does google work?
4) what makes art great? 


DAY 2+

free to do what they want

use notebooks as a "whiteboard" for ideas

presentations will be made with Haiku Decks



DAY 30

after 30 days see how far they have gotten

maybe new topics

maybe move hands on - coding? 

aggressive goals 



2. Guest Speakers

bring 1 spekar in per month

talk on any topic

no limitations

we will blog about it too!

anyone visiting Lahore and wants to speak?



3. Movie Night


e.g. inside/out is supposed to be deep - how human emotions work

also, documentaries 



4. Grade 4

in addition to grade 5, start expanding to grade 4

we have built a tech lab, let others use it too




5. Blog Posts 


keep connected with you all

write 1 post a week

share progress, get your thoughts




6. Website 

updating the website 

focus on:
empowering kids w/ 21 century skills - problem solving, team work
data driven
approach agility



7. Miscellaneous

collaboration with our friends at Ted and School in the Cloud

register 501c3


Your thoughts and feedback are welcome.