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English Acceleration Program & Intern Experiences

As Khud's Summer Internship Program 2016 comes to close, two of the interns working on English Acceleration share their experiences.

Fatima Mohsin Naqvi:

Equipping the kids with the tools to learn on their own has been the primary goal of Khud from the beginning; it is thus increasingly exciting to see the course the English acceleration program has taken. Now on week five, the students have absorbed a plethora of new ideas and are comfortable using them in everyday language. Most importantly, they have realized the importance of a different kind of learning, one that is inherently different than the rote learning they are accustomed to.  Most of the credit falls to the E-learning program that we have incorporated in our syllabus; the interactive activities found in each lesson have given a new take on the subject.

Students using the e-learning program:

After exhausting the e-learning website, students are now currently following a video series that explain important grammar basics through Urdu. They believe this to be on par with the E-learning website, both in terms of understandability and content.

A student enjoying part of the video series:

Another promising development is that most students are more interested and curious in what they’re studying now so whenever they find themselves stuck on a certain word most students Google the meaning on their own or put it into Google translate and figure it out themselves. Hoping to have a ripple effect, this will give rise to the idea that they can do this outside the classroom as well and will result in a myriad of phenomenal possibilities.



Ali Mirza:

On the first day of the summer internship program, it was hard to believe that this amount of progress would be made in such a short amount of time. The students have increased their skills drastically, mainly in speaking, reading, listening and understanding. They have attempted various activities on  using the assistance of YouTube videos on the relevant topics. Our main aim of self-learning is being achieved through this method, and the students engage with each other and have fun while attempting these activities. They require very little assistance from the facilitators except for when they are being tested on their speaking skills. English Acceleration through self-learning has been a very vital tool towards improving the level of their education.