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The Second Chapter- Incubating Mini-Startups

For the past three years, Khud Initiative has been tackling Pakistan's education crises via self-learning and project based learning. So far we have transformed the lives of over 400 underprivileged children. And by the end of 2019, we plan to have another 500 underprivileged kids graduate from our digital program. Now our team is focusing on enabling these kids by incubating their ideas and mini-startups.

In our first effort, we had a group of young women who had zero digital literacy. That went on to successfully build a Pakistani fashion website, garnering about 150,000 page views.

Women Empowerment Khud++Automeme.jpg

So far, Khud has launched 2 mini-startups. First, a group of 5 young women are building an automation blog that aggregates the best stories on Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics. They have amassed 2400 twitter followers and the website has received 13,000 page views.

Our second startup has 6 young women who are working towards establishing their own digital design agency. With a revenue of $750, they are close to breaking even.

We are very excited to see what these "mini-startups" can achieve and help Khud become a sustainable non-profit!



Khud - Demo Day ( Special Guest - LUMS VC )

In the last 3 years we have touched and transformed many lives ...

We were honored to host Dr. Ahmed Arshad, the Vice Chancellor of LUMS, for Demo Day. Children from our edtech programs across the 4 schools in Lahore showcased their efforts in cutting edge digital areas. Starting with younger children who were beginning their journey in digital literacy to young women entrepreneurs.

Four years into our journey, Khud’s vision of end to end digital literacy is now taking shape:

Introduction to Computer: learning how to type and operate a computer

Presentation and Storytelling: learning a new topics (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) and developing a presentation

Video Editing: creating and editing videos (this can easily lead to vocational work as emphasis on video content is ever increasing)

Software Programming (starting with Scratch and moving onto Python)