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Sustaining in society with a disability is always tough.


Sustaining in society with a disability is always tough. And lack of opportunities make it even tougher. But Zahra has never let that hold her back. A student herself, she has always looked for opportunities that could help her make contributions to the society.

Recently, she found one such opportunity in the form of internship at Khud, where she developed a basic digital curriculum for “Intro to Biology”, based on the content available on the internet. Zahra was tasked to compile the curriculum such that it was simple as well as engaging and fun for the students and that it needed little or no help of a technical teacher to be executed.

Despite her physical confinements, Zahra will be able to impact the lives of so many students. Hundreds of underprivileged students will be able to benefit from her work and knowledge, despite never meeting her in person. This could have only been possible in today’s age, with the use of technology. There can be no better validation of Khud’s vision. And we, at Khud, could not be prouder.

1 Comment