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Khud Digital Skills - Pakistan Fashion

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Khud Digital Skills - Pakistan Fashion

At our second school there is a tailoring vocational school. We are working with a group of young ladies to build a Pakistan Fashion news aggregator - website initially, then an iPhone App. The goal is to bring this vocational school into the 21 century - imparting modern skills for a modern world.

Singer Stitching Machines EdTech Vocational School Lahore Khud Mughalpura
Stitching EdTech Vocational School Lahore Khud Mughalpura

We are building a structured program using self-learning techniques to get this group to build the aggregator. Content selection, graphic design and so much more.

Lahore Khud EdTech Digital Skills Pakistan Fashion Mughalpura Vocational

One of the students Bushra Amjad has shown great progress. In a very short while (2-3 weeks), she has mastered the basics of Structure Query Language (SQL) from Khan Academy Tutorials.

Other have made great strides in how to edit photographs and carry out marketing of a mobile application.

Lahore Khud EdTech Digital Skills Photo Editing Mughalpura Pakistan Fashion Vocational

We shared the progress of this project (as well other areas that Khud is working on) with Center for Education Innovation (CEI). CEI is focused on NGOs 

striving to increase not only access, but also the quality of education for children in low income communities

Their goal is to

provide systemic and easy-to-access information and evidence about these programs around the world, both big and small. This public good can then aid in global understanding about the results of education innovations, and how to support those that show promise to scale their positive impact

CEI is very interested in our innovative approach to tackling Pakistan's education crises. Especially how we combine self-learning and technology to get around the dearth of qualified teachers. Duncan McCullough of CEI was nice enough to spend time with us and add Khud to the CEI database of education NGOs. We look forward to collaborating with CEI. 

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