Reliance on the human brawn over the last few decades has diminished. In the age of the brain, it is clear that technology plays a significant role in successful we can be. Instilling technology related skills is at the heart of the EdTech platform we are building at Khud. The platform will utilize self-learning techniques and presents opportunities to children to pick up 21st century skills of programming, user design and data analytics.

In our 2nd school, we are working with a group of young women (just post high school) to build an iPhone App around Pakistan Fashion News Aggregator. Divided into 3 streams of work:

  1. App Development
  2. Data 
  3. Marketing

This group is based in Mughalpura and serves a marginalized community. 

Lahore Mughalpura Map Self Learning EdTech Khud Pakistan

This project is designed around self-learning and using teaching tools that are publicly available. Team 2 is using Khan Academy's Hour of Code course around databases and SQL: 

Here is some sample SQL code:

Khud EdTech Lahore Hour of Code SQL Table Creation Mughalpura School Pakistan Fashion Aggregation

End Result:

Khud EdTech Lahore Hour of Code SQL Boutique Table Mughalpura School Pakistan Fashion Aggregation

The progress they have made is tremendous given that they only started working with computers 2 months ago. We are crazy excited to see what they will do once they get their hands on an Apple Macbook and iPod Touch.