8 months ago, following its self-learning pedagogy Khud initiated a project aiming to empower girls residing in Mughalpura, Lahore. By partnering with vocational institute of Bostan Public School, Khud decided to target and inculcate digital skills to the girls who were coming for sewing classes. The goal was to build a web based fashion news aggregator. Khud started  the computer classes 8 months ago. Since then, these girls have shown great progress and have been successful in creating the end product – fashion news aggregator (more at Aletere).

Aletere 1
Aletere 2


 Now, the girls have been divided in 3 teams and are working on their respective streams. 

             1. Content Team: Picks stories and gather information related to Pakistan’s fashion news

            2. Tech Team: Refines the images, updates the stories and uploads the blogs

            3. Marketing Team: Attracts audience using different social media

Teams working on their respective streams

As these girls progress, Khud plans to make Aletere a self-sustainable project by introducing a web portal where girls from sewing school would also be able to sell their products online. Furthermore, advertisement, affiliate marketing of different products on Aletere would also serve the purpose to make it a not just sustainable but also profitable venture, allowing for economic prosperity of the girls living in Mughalpura. 

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