50 years ago, a great man stood up to fight for liberty and equality and end the racial discrimination that was effecting America and broadly the whole world. The butterfly effect of his truly radical ideas can still be felt in the present day. Dr Martin Luther King Junior dreamed of a world that was undivided in its virtue and spirit. A world, without racial divisions and discrimination. The world is a better place, but as one of our student said today,

“There is much that needs to be done. We must all become like Martin Luther King!” - Anees Ahmed, Grade 5, Marghzar Welfare Society for Special Children.

Newcastle University and Dr. Sugata Mitra invited Khud to become part of a Global SOLE Event and encouraged our students to answer a “Big Question.” It was;

“How is a massively connected world different from the one that we have now and from the one that Dr King was in fifty years ago?” – Dr. Sugata Mitra

After researching about Dr. Martin Luther King and reading and listening to his famous speech, “I have a dream.” The students made a small presentation. The slides are pasted below.