After a successful pilot of our ‘Khud’ self-learning through technology at Zahoor Public School, we are expanding our edtech's program reach.

In February, we started to roll out our program at Mughalpura School. The school is located in a marginalized area of Lahore. Though most of the students come from impoverished backgrounds, their spirits are effervescing with a quest for learning. Large majority of the student body in the school has never used a computer in their life, let alone had access to internet. Even with the little exposure of technology that we have given them, we can see that they are passionate to enhance their knowledge and become 21st century learners.

In addition the school has a vocational program for women within the vicinity. Here, women are taught embroidery, designing and given practical skill-set to become self-employed. A dedicated computer lab has been set up within the school that will provide the students opportunity to augment their aesthetics and become better fashion designers. Khud hopes that in coming months, these women will set up their own fashion website and blogs.

We extend special thanks to Khawaja Naseem and Ghulam Rasool for their contributions and support for our cause. 

(In the image above: Students of Grade 4 'Mughalpura School' make their email accounts.)