Yesterday, Khud organized a visit of Gymboree Pakistan to Zahoor School. Farhan Jawa (Corporate Manager) & Renee Rashed (Program Development Manager) offered their support to the school. Our visitors were thrilled by the efforts of Yasmeen Shahid (Zahoor School Principal) and passionate teachers, who have been teaching with limited resources. The visitors also met the students of Grade 5, and reviewed Khud’s Self-Learning via technology project.

As a task, the visitors tested the students by asking them to research about Gymboree Pakistan. Within few minutes, student used Google Chrome, opened Gymboree’s page and responded. Mr. Jawa and Mrs. Rashed were both impressed. As  per part of Gymboree Corporate Social Responsibility Effort  (CSR), the company will be organizing a special teacher training program (learning via projects) to enhance the teaching capabilities of Zahoor School's teachers with a focus on Playgroup - Grade 2.

A special thanks to Sophia Kasuri, Director Gymboree Pakistan, for helping making all this happen.

Gymboree Pakistan Khud Zahoor School Lahore