Khud is a small experiment hoping to make a big impact. Khud's mission is to give underprivileged children in Pakistan (and maybe beyond?) a fighting chance.  

The Pakistan education crisis has multiple insane dimensions. To boil it down quantitatively:

  • 25 Million children do not go to school
  • 1.25 Million teachers are needed

Qualitatively the news is not good either. The children that are in school are not exactly getting a great education. The rote-learning based system does not prepare them to tackle the world in truly productive way. 

Khud is not going to reinvent the wheel. We plan to take take insights from:

  • Socrates and his method around letting students arrive at their own conclusions
  • Maria Montessori and her approach that encouraged children to play and teach themselves
  • Sugata Mitra and his approach around self organized learning

The plan is to start this experiment in a school on the outskirts of Lahore. Make mistakes, gather data, learn - be agile. Then scale. 

Wish us luck. Share our story. Connect with us.

Stay tuned for more.