Khud was honored to host Feeza Mumtaz at its partner school Aman Sarai this week. Feeza is a graphic designer based in New York, currently teaching at the renowned National College of Arts in Lahore. A book cover designer and as well as a branding expert- Feeza plays many roles and play them all well. She guided our girls at Aman Sarai on marketing strategies for the the launch of their upcoming project.

Shy at first, the young learners at Aman Sarai opened up and contributed fully to the discussion Feeza initiated. Studying global trends to their own personal preferences, everything under the umbrella regarding successful branding was discussed. Color schemes, brand essence, target audience are few of the many topics that were discussed. Below is a photograph of Feeza at Aman Sarai with the girls who are working with Khud.



Having laid the fundamentals of branding, the marketing team is building up on their thoughts and with Feeza’s continued guidance will launch their new project with an unparalleled sophistication. Beginning with the traditional 4P’s of marketing and tying it with the constantly transforming social media, our Marketing team is all set for the challenges coming their way.

Stay tuned to find out what this new project launch is about and how skillfully our team handles its branding!