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Renowned theoretical physicist and astronomer Stephen Hawking articulates, “Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” Here at Khud we concur!

After the successful completion of our summer ‘Scratch Programming’ course Khud has graduated its students to the next stage of computer programming - ‘Python Programming’. This new project is being executed at two of Khud’s partner schools in Lahore - Zahoor Public School and Marghazar Welfare Society for Special Children (MWS).


We wanted to use free online learning resources and harness the power of self-learning. Our broader aim is easily replicate this approach at other needy schools. After extensive research by our education specialists and advisors, we selected Code Combat's amazing curriculum. Khud would like to extend a special thanks to Michael ‘Maka’ Gradin for helping us navigate through the curriculum and technical aspects of their platform. Via short computer games that are geared towards young learners, ‘Code Combat’ inculcates critical thinking, problem solving and foundations of computer languages. Even teachers with little to no prior programming experience can use this platform.


We are thrilled to report that many of our young learners have taken a peculiar liking for ‘Python Programming.’ In this moment, we would like to celebrate two of our students who have shown groundbreaking progress; Noman Allah Dita and Anees Ahmed of Grade 5 from MWS. Noman and Anees have completed more than 60 stages included short introductory courses on game development and web development.

Noman and Anees

Noman and Anees

They and their fellow students are now well versed in numerous basic programming concepts like while true-loops, variables, python-syntax and others. Take in regard that more than 80% of these kids don’t have a computer at home and they only started to use computer in last 3-4 months.

Khud has high expectations from these kids. We hope that we can sharpen their intellect and make them successful computer programmers, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers.