The adage "chance favors the bold" should be updated to reflect the times - "changes favors the bold with opportunities." Opportunities are aplenty for the privileged. Can we break the barriers in our class-divided society to make it more egalitarian and give opportunities to children who are not as fortunate?

This is at the heart of what we are doing at Khud. At Demo Day we had children from our program give insightful presentation on a range of topics - from Artificial Intelligence to Climate Change. In the audience, Zain Bokhari, an astute young observer, noticed the life-changing power of giving such opportunities.

He created this deeply-touching video: 

This is what he had to say:

Each one of us, plays a part in society. Putting oneself in the shoes of a person who is less fortunate makes one realize how we take things for granted. It is time we stepped back to reflect. Success is a measure of aspirations and how hard one works while at the same time educating oneself (“Khud”) and how we can contribute to the welfare of others. It is time we raise awareness to “Giving Back” to the society.

In bridging the gap, we not only give opportunity but we get the opportunity to learn by broadening our (class constrained) horizons. This gives me hope.