On the 12th April 2019, our students visited LUMS to present their projects to the School of Education. The students reached LUMS around the afternoon and their visit started at the infamous PDC - LUMS cafeteria. They were extremely intrigued by the fact that students were not bound to wear any uniform and were not carrying any school bags.


The students went on to present their respective projects and that resulted in quite a round of applause from everyone present in the room. They couldn’t believe that students from underprivileged schools in Pakistan could come up with such brilliant projects.

Post the presentations, students attended an informative talk on Automation by Salahuddin Khawaja at National Incubation Center Lahore, LUMS followed by a quick visit to the Milky Way Galaxy lab, under construction for future experimentation. This particular episode was by far their favorite part of the day. They were appreciated by the entire LUMS crowd for their questions and efforts. Their day of adventure ended with a quick cup of tea and cookies.