Despite lack of opportunities, our women have been able to achieve beyond expectations. For socio-economic welfare of any country, it is vital to empower women by providing them with the needed opportunities. Future is all about digitalization and the women of Pakistan have a significant part to play in it, if we ought to succeed as a nation.

A couple of years ago, Khud provided a platform in one of our collaborating schools for girls from low-income communities. The girls not only learned the relevant digital skills but practically implemented those by developing a fashion news aggregator website, called Aletere. The website was a huge success, garnering about 150,000-page views. However, due to some logistical issues, the project could not be continued for long. We took that as a learning experience and were back at it, with renewed optimism and an enhanced plan.

Student+Edtech+Khud+ Automeme+girls.jpg

We now have an all-girls team, working on an automation blog that is focused on Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics. The team is divided into groups of three, to manage tasks respectively. Despite the fact that some of these girls used computers for the first time, six months ago, they have managed to post 485 articles. Automeme has had 4000-page views and over 2,000 followers on twitter so far.

The motivation and skills these girls have demonstrated in this project is applaudable. And we are extremely proud of the progress they have shown so far.

Stay tuned for more interesting updates from this amazing team!