“If your plan is for one-year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.” ― Confucius.


Pakistan’s education system is in crises- marred by several issues- from lack of schools to the deficit of teachers. Wherever there are schools and teachers, the absence of basic infrastructure and quality of teachers hinder any real progress.


Despite many challenges, Khud is marching ahead with its vision. We have equipped around 500 marginalized students with digital education and introduced them to the latest technologies. EdTech has always been the core of our vision, while importance has always been laid on its delivery. We have departed from lecture-based pedagogy towards project-based learning. The problem with the old approach is that most students rote-learn instead of grasping the actual concepts. When it comes to executing those concepts, the students usually forget what had been taught altogether. We have achieved great results with the new approach, which was practically exhibited on the demo day.

Currently, we are working on improving and tailoring our digital curricula to satisfy our students’ needs. Our goal is to develop these self-executable digital curricula, bypassing the need of technical teachers, and making it public by 15th August 2019, so that other schools can benefit as well.