Since its inception 3 years ago, Khud has been going strong with its mission to bring digital literacy to children from the underprivileged areas of Pakistan, operating in Lahore and its outskirts. The organization has expanded every year by continually updating and evolving its curricula to include more digital skills and by partnering with schools and organizations supporting the same cause.


The journey our students have had over these years is simply awe-inspiring. These children have had phenomenal growth; from not even knowing what internet is to learning and working on projects covering everything from Artificial Intelligence to Graphic Design and programming languages like Python among so many other things. These children despite coming from underprivileged backgrounds with parents who are illiterate, have transformed exceptionally since they began working alongside Khud’s trainers.


That is because Khud’s practices and teaching lessons employ a completely unique ‘self-executing’ curriculum offering digital skills that these children would otherwise not get an opportunity to learn, not even in conventional schools. We believe, self-learning is the best way to provide these children a fighting chance in this rapidly advancing technological world. With just a computer and a push in the right direction, Khud is helping open a world of opportunities for these children.

Moreover, these kids are being inculcated with the sense and knowledge of entrepreneurship in order to provide them with avenues of starting their own businesses and earning from them as well as enabling them to work with startups.

Khud team is all geared up to include more digital skills in its courses and curriculum aimed not only towards boys but also inclusively and exclusively towards young women from underprivileged areas. Acquiring more resources, the organization is aiming to scale for impact so that it can spread its mission to other cities of Pakistan as well and expand its message across boundaries!