The computer learning program at Harsukh, a collaboration which started earlier this year, is going stronger than ever. It’s amazing to see how these students who were intimidated by the computers at the start of the program have become completely at ease with using computers now. Each one of these students is brilliant, hardworking and putting their best efforts in learning.


Until last week, the students from our previous class practiced MS Word and were introduced to PowerPoint to help them learn to make presentations. Students practiced making simple slideshows on PowerPoint. As a next step, they learned the concept of transition between slides as well as how to make collages on PowerPoint.

On our next week’s agenda is to help these students learn a few more PowerPoint features including the use of color effects, working with ClipArt and removing the background. Moreover, they will be taught how to edit a picture using PowerPoint.


As for new students who started out recently, this week was also filled with learning new features to further their knowledge about the computers. They learned how to make new folders, how to name/rename them and how to copy, cut and paste folders/files in different locations on the computer. They were also taught the use of shortcut keys (Ctrl+C, X and V) and Recycle Bin. To put their newly gained knowledge to use, the students were asked to make the wall of their classroom on Paint. Students excitedly participated in the activity and had fun in the process.


In a more exciting news, we will be inducting a bunch of new students in our computer learning class next week. Now that we have seen the potential, we are more motivated than ever to teach more children. According to our plan, this new batch will be learning to type, learning to use the fingers and get comfortable with the keyboard. They will also be asked to practice home row so that they learn the proper way to type and not just with two fingers. And as before, they will be introduced to MS Word and its basic features before moving on to new and advanced features.

The passion and enthusiasm which these students show in pursuit of knowledge is not only heartwarming but is also what keeps the founders as well as the teachers going. Every day where these students learn something is a day towards the fulfillment of our mission at Khud.