As a part of the organization’s mission statement, Khud promotes the agile methodology of learning among the underprivileged students of Pakistan through as many means as possible. This includes partnering with other non-profits who have the same vision to impart digital skills of today to their inductees. Each one of these collaborations have proved mutually beneficial and have garnered great appraise from the patrons.


One such collaboration is with Marghzar Welfare Society (MWS), a non-profit working towards the rehabilitation of children with disabilities as well as any normal underprivileged kid who wants to learn. The purpose of this collaboration is to help MWS students gain the best digital skills of today as a part of advanced learning and quality education. Khud started out working with MWS through conducting programming classes at MWS. Students from MWS enrolled in this course were taught basic programming with the help of Udacity and Udemy. Understanding technical language and to overcome the language barrier was made easier with the help of teachers provided by Khud and volunteers from LGSi.



This programming course has not only ensured that these students have a chance at top-quality EdTech but also at excelling in the field of technology. In addition to that, the students were divided into groups for this program which inculcated a sense of teamwork in them, an interpersonal skill which is going to be a huge help when they go out in the real world.


The performance of students over the weeks have been phenomenal. These students are bright and eager to learn and is a testament to the fact that Pakistan has immense talent present in the most unexpected places. With quality education, especially TechEd, now made available to underprivileged children, it is only a matter of time that Pakistan is going to witness a phenomenal rise in its literacy rate.

With this in view, the founders and organizers have decided to take these programs a notch higher and start Graphic Designing course at MWS. This course will equip students at MWS with another much-demanded digital skill. Graphics Designing will not only be fun to learn but we will also be able to witness the creative side of the students.


Our course designers and teachers are currently in the process of developing a curriculum that is best suited to this program and will be such that will train these students not just with the basics and the theory but also with hands-on, practical techniques so that by the end of it and with a little practice, the students will be ready to actually use the skill to start earning. The team at Khud will be sharing the experience and the progress with our followers in the coming weeks.