We’d like to start off this post by firstly apologizing for being a bit ‘missing’ over the past few weeks or so, the reason for which has been our involvement in a number of projects that have kept the entire team occupied with a lot of work. But worry not, because we aren’t going anywhere any time soon!


We initiated our project at Harsukh by conducting introductory computer classes with a number of students that have had absolutely no exposure to the world of ICT. Now teaching anyone, anything from scratch is always a difficult task but our teachers weren’t going to back away from a challenge and thus began our first couple classes that focused on lessons around the importance of a few keyboard/mouse shortcuts, the need to make folders and also an introductory session on MS Paint. The students might have struggled a bit initially but remained persistent throughout and were able to get a hang of things quite quickly.

Now that they were familiar with the workings of their computers, the students were introduced to typing using the ‘Typing Master’, which acted as their source of guidance for the next few weeks. Our students were able to improve their typing speed quite drastically and can now type around 20 words per minute, which is a great improvement from their earlier work. But we weren’t going to take a break here and went on to bringing MS Word into the picture with our focus on teaching them the process and need for alignment, orientation, margins, fonts and headers/footers.


Our intentions here are to not just expose them to these programs but to make the students comfortable enough to work on their own and the most crucial step for achieving that is to strengthen their basics. Keeping in mind this and the fact that they are more likely to carry out interactions in Urdu, we’ve also decided to introduce Urdu typing in our future lessons whilst also teaching them about document formatting and the process of enhancing their work by adding images to their work.

Once the students have mastered MS Word, our attention will shift towards MS Powerpoint with the aim of helping students understand the need to create basic yet convincing presentations and also simultaneously preparing them for any future professional needs.