It’s been a while since you last heard of us but we’ve been up to some really interesting stuff and are extremely excited to take you along the journey that is to come.

We’ve always talked about going the extra mile and doing something different, so keeping in line with our beliefs we took on the task of enrolling our students in an online course being offered at Udacity, an online portal that offers hundreds of courses that revolve around the world of programming.


The particular course that our students were enrolled in is the “Programming Foundations with Python” course that introduces students to intermediate programming and more specifically, oriented programming. This course, however, is taught in English, a language that our students aren’t a 100% confident about yet but our teachers have not let that become a hurdle for learning. They’ve worked tirelessly with our students and ensured that they take home every bit of learning the course has to offer.


This course is structured in a way that depends on project-based learning and therefore requires students to work in a collaborative manner i.e. within teams. So, this course has not only taught our students programming but also helped them build on their team building skills and helped them realize the importance of working together to achieve a common goal; a trait that will be of immense importance to them during their professional lives.


Our students at MWS have shown some remarkable progress since they began working with us and the completion of this course will certainly be a milestone worthy of being proud of. Such growth just goes on to show that with constant effort and the right attitude, anything and everything is possible.