The basic reason of poor education system in under-developed countries is the lack, or an absolute absence, of good teachers. Every new phase of information technology has predicted that books will become obsolete. Books, however, have always proven to be resilient! But digital education can surely complement them and if executed properly can do wonders, especially in a country like ours. Paying more to teachers in a hope to get better educators is unfortunately not a practical solution.


In such a scenario, EdTech can be our country’s best bet and we, at Khud, are set out on a mission to prove that. Through this, we use our funds on gathering resources for digital education, rather than spending them on teachers. It doesn’t mean simply dumping a bunch of computers in schools will make the children learn everything. What we actually do is to provide our collaborating schools with self-explanatory digital curriculum that can be used by the students with little or no aid from teachers.

Many wonder how a system based on technology can be successfully executed in a country which mostly doesn’t even have the basic infrastructure. But here we are, going forward with our mission and making impact despite all the challenges.

Our goal, however, has never been to replace books and teachers altogether. There are some great teachers that believe in our cause and work with us selflessly. EdTech actually allows us to complement their hard-work and enables us to package and scale the delivery of education on a level that is simply not possible via traditional education system.