This penultimate week has had more than its fair share of ups and downs. The final projects are coming together but the building has had internet connection problems leading our mentors to be more creative with assignments. But, we are not giving up. We face challenges and come up with innovative solutions (just like our students do) to deal with them, said an intern at Haji Bostan School.

This week the 8th, 7th and 6th grade students are busy building their storyboards. They have been discussing different storylines and then sharing them with Danish. The students are watching other works from leading studios to help them come up with the framing and the script. “The students have a confidence problem since they have never done something like this before.” Says Danish and then adds, “this is good for them”.

                               The class watches SING while the internet is out with the lights off

The class of graphic design took advantage of internet troubles to watch the Disney movie sing and then moved to studying logos. “We’re going to trace a few and then move on to redesigning them” tells me Annie. Their final project for the month is to make a logo of their own. “This is a good way to introduce them to good design practices and learn the software"

                     Zoha's Class makes presentations about what they've learnt in the 2 month course

The class on intro to the internet and content authority has their own assignment coming up. They have to make a presentation on each of the two major topics. This way they review what they have learned and learn how to use PowerPoint, another skill in their toolbox.

Pictures and content: Abdul Moeed Asad.