Four interns, Abdullah, Zoha, Danish and Annie, have been placed in Khud’s partner Haji Boston School for the EdTech program where they facilitate learning on Machine Learning, Internet Basics, Video Editing and Graphic Design respectively.  

Khud Edtech

Three days into the internship the four interns have high aspirations for the class. “These students have a real drive to learn! My students pick up new concepts faster than when I was their age”, Zoha tells me. However, the students at Haji Bostan have their work cut out for them.  “Machine Learning is a tall task when the kids have no prior background knowledge in Maths, Statistics or Probability”, noted Abdullah. However, he added, “If we’re successful we open the world to these kids”. These projects as part of Khud’s philosophy are focused on self-discovery and self-learning.  “We explore concepts and let the kids explore the software we (the class) are working with”, says Danish.

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This class so far seems to be progressing really well. When Amina of grade 8 was asked about artificial intelligence she lit up and started listing the potential of machine learning “if we can feed the computer enough data, we can teach computers most things people are able to do!” nuanced as she was quick to point out the down sides, “It’s going to be a rough transition, people will lose jobs”. Roha is learning how to edit videos and tells me that “a video is just a series of moving pictures that we can manipulate in software”. The profound answers by these 10 – 12 year olds is a good indicator of their motivation.

Khud Edtech

Thanks Moeed for taking the pictures and covering the story. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates over the summer.