Millenniums ago, our hunter-gatherer ancestors began trade through barter system. As they settled and established numerous civilizations, precious metals, coins and stones were used to trade different commodities. Next came the notion of paper currency from China. Steadily, its nature too has changed overtime, but generally the nation-state backed banks have held control over the individual currencies. In an attempt to break the dominance of centralized state-managed currencies, an unidentified programmer codenamed “Satoshi Nakamoto,” introduced a ground breaking digital currency, ‘Bitcoins’.

Powerpoint Presentation about Bitcoin (click to see more)

Inspired by the success of digital currency and anticipating the bright future of bitcoins, a group of students at Khud’s partner school – Bostan Public School - was given this topic to create a presentation about. These young learners struggled in the beginning as it was a new concept for them.

Wondering what have they learned? Want to know about Bitcoins? Interested in making profits through digital currency?


Then, watch these kids in the video explaining ‘bitcoin’ in simple language.