Students at Khud were overwhelmed with the task of cultivating- our latest exciting project! Most of the students had prior knowledge of how to play with the land- an invariable advantage of belonging to rural area. 

Khud gave an opportunity to the students to explore this field further and practically cultivate the land by traditional methods. At first we provided them with information about soil quality and then how to prepare land for cultivation. Hence combining with perfection the knowledge we had along with some expert opinion. 

Students first digged the land with their own hands ( giving them hands on experience) then when the land got ready for seed they watered the rows and planted the seeds. 
Not only will they grow vegetables, they will also build a framework for selling these goods to the market. Students are self-learning about branding, packaging and marketing. Khud is trying to build the sense of market competition and motivating them to think creatively for solutions. 

The next step for cultivation entails modern technique like hydroponic which are most popular in modern economies. This technique is the most productive with least human efforts. Students will try to automate the process of dripping in hydroponics by constantly measuring the water level in soil and hence creating maximum produce. 
Our team is excited to see the results of this effort and share it further!