One of the top academic institutions of the country, Lahore Grammar School International, has entered into a partnership with Khud. As a result of this collaboration, students from different backgrounds will be interacting in a common learning space using EdTech techniques. Students from grade 6 to grade 8 assist students of Khud from MughalPura and Aman Sarai, working in close coordination with each other for mutual support and learning. With a first of its kind interaction between the students from these two institutions their instant connection gave facilitators great hope for continued collaboration in future as well.


The students from LGSi visit weekly the MughalPura school and help girls with various jobs including content generation. Similarly students from Khud visit LGSi too and with this activity our teams have not only developed a good work ethic but a mutually respected and dynamic engagement group. Below is a photograph of girls from Aman Sarai at LGSi, working in the lab on an assignment of developing a business plan and later presenting it together.

Pak Edtech, Khud Collaborates


Currently students maintain a portal online where they share and generate ideas and uphold truly the spirit of students organizing themselves. This partnership symbolizes how education can connect minds beyond constraints of privilege and status and we hope this grows to embody greater, more nobler pursuits in the future.