So, back to life at Marghzar Welfare Society where we had one of our very first collaborative sessions which saw students from LGSi coming together to teach students at Marghzar.


With the intention being to bridge the gap between these students from vastly different backgrounds, students were divided into 4 groups and had already planned interactive activities such as storytelling, drawing, and even educational activities such as math worksheets. This particular session provided the students from MWS with learning that was different from their usual day-to-day program, and at the same time was a whole new learning experience for students from LGSi, a few of whom claimed that this was actually their first time working with kids outside their school.


Overall, I’d say we accomplished our mission of bringing together these two groups of kids!

However, our students at MWS take no breaks and are currently full steam on their games, and in order to execute them, they’re being taught python and its more complicated concepts. Initially things were a bit shaky, but the students have been able to work slowly but steadily and have successfully developed basic functioning of their space ships, and border checking (let’s just say its complicated enough to escape our understanding!). Their main aim? To make a really cool game that revolves around the idea of ‘blowing stuff up in space’, I think we’d like a game like that!


Since we wanted our sessions to be more than just about coding, we’ve tried to insert lessons related to the importance of developing problem solving skills, and that has required us to reflect on real life scenarios that the kids might have found themselves in or situations that we find ourselves in daily. The idea here is to not only help them understand the importance of such skills in the programming world, but also provide them with an idea of how important it is to have a positive outlook in our everyday lives as well.


So, the students are picking up on the lessons pretty quickly and by the look of things, they should have their game’s ready by next week! I for one, cannot wait to try out their game!


Let’s wish them best of luck for the pivotal week that is about to follow!