These words correctly describe the sentiments of Hassan Aftab, a member of Khud and the project head of ‘Aletere’, a one-of-its-kind fashion aggregation project. A news aggregator is quite simply a software or application which brings together a variety of other sites together under one web for easy viewing. So, our mission is to create a software which does exactly that and helps create a portal of sorts where you can find anything and everything related to fashion!

The project was initially born in a local school, but administrative difficulties caused us to shift our operations to a separate facility, which of course meant a lot of logistical work for the team but all of that hard work seems to be paying off since the facility is meant to be operational from next week!

The facility houses a team of local girls who were trained specifically for this particular project and are the brains behind this idea. Not only are they motivated and eager to embark on this exciting journey, their parents actually echo the same sentiments and have been nothing but supportive throughout this process, which is a huge motivation for not only them but us as well!

                                                                            An inside look at our new facility

                                                                            An inside look at our new facility

This facility, which will be known as the ‘Digital Training Center’ from now on, will not only be used as our base for developing this software, but will also serve as a classroom for girls currently residing in nearby localities. These girls will have the opportunity to register themselves for computing courses that will be taught by our brilliant team of young girls at Aletere! So not only are these talented girls budding developers but also future teachers, and we could not be any prouder of them!

The road ahead looks a bit tough since we are still in the final stages of preparing our training center and are also in the search of other opportunities that can help us establish multiple revenue streams for both Khud and the Aletere team in specific.

With all of that being said, after 3 months of being MIA, Team Aletere is officially back!