“You’re being fired upon while trying to hold your ship steady as you make your way through infinity and beyond!” Sounds like a pretty decent pitch for a game, right?


Well this is exactly what our young geniuses at Maghazar have produced after a hard couple of months, where they’ve learnt new skills, experimented with different techniques and finally completed a simple, but nonetheless impressive video game.

While this was something to be super excited about, the students didn’t let this excitement take over and instead continued their lessons as planned, which meant that over the past few weeks they’ve learnt concepts as complicated as conditional statements, loops and some functions amongst some more developing tools.


The students were visited yet again by their friends from LGSi who have now developed quite a bond with them. The students seemed more comfortable this time around and engaged in activities that included writing stories, drawing and a few games here and there to keep both sides engaged.


All in all, its been an extremely productive week since not only have the students developed their first ever game and hence completed an integral part of their training, they have also developed a close relationship with students from LGSi which only makes us excited for the programs that are to follow!


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