Today we shall take you to a little town Mughalpura, located some 20 odd km from the Pakistan-India border. The town gets its name from the Great Mughal Empire, and its residents are nothing short of legendary as well (get the joke?). We travelled to Haji Bostan School, where our graphic designing program is currently underway.


We’re currently in the third week of the program and the progress has been exemplary, because not only have the students grasped basic knowledge about graphic designing and its core concepts, they have also perfected certain tricks and trades.

One aspect of graphic designing that we’ve emphasized upon is the cropping tool since not only does it have a lot of minor details associated with it, but it is a tricky skill to learn and usually takes a long time to learn. But, as I pointed out above that the residents here are ‘legendary’, and these kids have been able to not just learn, but become pretty efficient at learning these tools and have already begun implementing them in their work.


The next week is when things start to get a bit tricky for the students but then again, these are legendary kids who I am sure will surprise us yet again with their super quick learning abilities. Haji Bostan School has truly been an exciting and rewarding experience and the next few weeks shall be nothing less as well.

Written by: Hasan Saeed