Last time we met, our sessions at Marghzar had just started to gain momentum and the students were progressing quicker than expected.

However, one thing that all of us need to understand is that no matter how perfect things might seem, no matter how well-thought out your plans are, there still are set-backs. Instances where you begin to question your strategies and whether you really were doing things right or if you needed to change your approach. These aren’t failures so to say, but moments of reflection, since they provide us with a clear image of how the journey has been uptil now, and what can be done to improve the road that we are yet to embark upon.

Here at Marghzar, we too did face some difficulties but for us these are instances to learn, to grow and to become better at what we do.


The biggest challenge has been the amount of practice that the students have been able to involve themselves in outside the classroom. These students come from relatively underprivileged areas, and therefore do not have access to computers at homes and therefore cannot work on their projects from the comforts of home.

This concern was amplified by the fact that the parents of these students are mostly uneducated, which means that the students fail to find a certain level of reinforcement from them. They can not look to them for help regarding their courses, or ask them to work with them.

But then we asked ourselves, is any challenge really big enough for someone whose passionate about the work that they do?

Our students answered this question by showing up regularly to classes, by participating eagerly in the discussions and using their limited access to the best of their abilities in hopes of learning as much as they possibly can. And have they exceeded our expectations!!

Our journey with Marghzar has only just begun, and we are certainly excited for the road that is to follow, because things can only get bigger and better from here on!