Khud is growing and upscaling at a incredible speed. The next school where our team is launching self sustaining and learning techniques is Aman Sirai foundation situated at the busy and industrious Walton Road in Lahore. Working with a group of fourteen girls, most of those who have completed their Bachelor’s, this institution is promising and fully equipped to tread on the Khud journey.


The students have been handpicked by their teachers on the basis of who shows an avid interest in computer learning. A few months ago they witnessed the magic hidden in the world of internet and programing when they were given a Scratch overview by one of the Khud members. Their motivations have been high since then and many girls from that session are working with us now on a year long commitment. Each of the student exhibits a unique interest in computer skills which will be polished by our facilitators over the course of this program.


This group has already completed a computer basic course and have a workable grasp on communication skills as well. Beginning with the Khud base pedagogy our team will impart in the students the skills of web designing, video editing, graphic designing and much more. Fighting all odds of communal oppression and family pressures these girls have defied all norms and are ready to empower themselves. The desired end is to make them independent and skilled in their work so that they can utilize their education and training as they deem fit.


One week into the program more and more girls at Aman Sirai are expressing an interest in the Khud pedagogy. Our team hopes to keep the spirit alive and launch more successive projects in institutions that can benefit from our works!




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