Marghzar Welfare Society was established in 1995 with a mission to stimulate inclusive education for special children. Special Children are neglected part of our society. Often, people see such children/persons with hatred and make fun of them because of their being different. The words such people utter or the action they make may sound them good and funny, but such act thrashes these children in their heart.


In order to change the view of society, Marghzar Welfare Society has taken a bold step. Inclusive program indulges special children (students with disabilities) and normal children under one roof. They study at same place, play at same place, enjoy the same facilities and think the same way. This boosts their morale and help them to fight with the challenges in their life. A time will come when society will esteem such children, see them and make them realize that they are one of us. They may be called special but they are special for all of us.

Taking these factors in consideration, Khud Ed-Teach Initiative realized the significance of working in such a marginalized community. Khud Ed-Teach Initiative is proud to announce collaboration with Marghzar Welfare Society. During the summers of 2016 we piloted with our scratch programming. Taking this forward, together the two will be collaborating at all levels and continue the work hard to make our children critical learners of 21st century.


Now, disabled children will also be taught the computer skills. Every single children requires individual attention. The deaf are taught by the sign and visualizing them with a demo, physically disabled can be taught just like normal if there brain is developed as the normal and for the one slow at learning can be taught with a slower pace. The basic are told and explained in detail during their class, so they can easily absorb what is being taught to them in the laboratory. Disabled children are very moody, some like typing but some prefer painting as compared to typing. Some like playing games. Initially to make them feel comfortable, it is suggested to let them do what they like, so once they enjoy using the system. The purpose of teaching is pretty much clear.


Khud initiative does not focus on one part, but is diversified to fit all. The team and their hard work is the result the kids of 5th standard at Marghzar Welfare Society can even email to anyone provided with the email. The deaf can write a detailed information on Microsoft Word and no one can even guess if they are hearing impaired or not. Khud is collaborating with Marghzar to make the students of Marghzar Welfare Society to battle at the upfront in their life using technology.