From being told that they were meant for only specific kinds of household chores to learning coding and programming at their institution is only the first step in the many successes these students are going to achieve. In the midst of facing challenges as to their rights of pursuing education and dreaming of professional lives resisting all regressive mindsets the girls at Aman Sarai; Khud’s partnering school are setting higher standards for themselves every day.

Working on CodeCombat


Starting practice from they have gotten their hands on coding and the precision required for the task. It works like a video game and the visual aids and hints make the task much easier to grasp and engage with. This tells us that while technological advancements are on the rise the progression doesn't mean to exclude learners just because they are not formally trained in working with computers. Sources like CodeCombat have enabled lesser skilled students to achieve what they would have no exposure to otherwise.

Nida Amin who explaining the lesson to her classmates

Completing 7 levels in a stretch of two hours while never being introduced to JavaScript before speaks volumes about the hidden talents and potentials of the girls who have always been taught all their lives to doubt their capabilities. Now we witness them not only work for themselves but help other students struggling in class as well; living up to the Khud spirit. As we invest more of our time and spirit in their aspirations of reaching new heights, greater results shall we witness.

After completing CodeCombat the class will be working with WordPress in order to execute their skills onto this highly professional platform. So, fingers crossed. This has been a journey into collectively and independently learning new things and outshining one’s own self and the girls are absolutely in love with this experience!