Over a year ago, Khud started its Ed-Tech Initiative with 12 kids in Zahoor School, Mohlenwal, outskirts of Lahore. Khud provided them with 4 laptops, an internet connection (PTCL Evo) and gave them digital projects to work on. We were surprised to discover their amazing headway. This has already been shared in the previous blogs. Moreover, friends of Khud also appreciated the efforts of our students. As Khud progressed, it engaged other classes from the school to ensure equal learning opportunities for all the learners at school. With this, 60% of the student body got full hands on internet but the limited internet data was not according to the needs of our students.  There were long spells when the limited internet data was all utilized and the students could not work on their projects. Therefore, Khud felt the need to install a wired PTCL internet connection with unlimited data, so that our learners could complete their video editing, presentations, and scratch programming related projects. 

Khud’s local teachers were informed by the PTCL officials that the initial installation cost would be PKR 20,000 as the wire had to be connected with the booster from a distance. We asked our friends and donors to help us in funding this connection. One of Khud’s dearest friend and a donor, Mr. Naseem Iqbal Khawaja, supported generously and funded this whole project. We thank Mr. Naseem for his continuous support to ensure that our kids do not lag behind in using technology to its fullest.

 Now, the PTCL internet connection has been installed and smooth digital learning of our students has been ensured. The students are excited to complete their projects and learn 21st century digital skills.