The first school that the Khud Project is partnering with is Zahoor School – right on the outskirts of my home town – Lahore. Wanted to share my take on Lahore so that people have a bit of context on the location.

Let’s start with the basics -

  • Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan
  • 14th most populous city in the world
  • The origins of the name are unclear
    • The one story that most people give credence to is that it was named after the Loh, the son of the Hindu god Rama. The name literally means “the fort of Loh.”

Lahore has many layers to it. How best to expose these layers? Share with you my top things to do in Lahore:

1. Badshai Mosque and Red Fort
A path beat, but beaten for a reason. The mosque and fort are what make Lahore, LAHORE. You can’t visit Lahore and not see these two structures from an era bygone.

2. Walled City Walking Tour
People watching or just watching a way of life that is unlike you have ever seen. A mix of old and new. Once this was Lahore. Now this is the heart of a Lahore with borders that refuse to stop expanding. 

3. Fakir Khana Museum
Time to get off the beaten path and get your art fix. Fakir Khana museum is the private museum of the Fakir Family of Lahore. It is one of the largest private museums in South Asia. The broad breadth of art is a lot to take in: paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, Chinese porcelain, Persian carpets and countless masterpieces of Art. The museum is situated in Bhatti Gate and visits are by appointment only.

4. Ejaz Gallery    
MM Alam road is Lahore's 5th Avenue. The place to visit is Ejaz Gallery. Which has a great collection of art on display – from traditional to modern. Starting at a few hundred dollars all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are some of my favorite from my last visit:


5. Kebabs – Savory, Spiritual
Have been around the globe trying to find the perfect kebab. Journey ends in Lahore at Baking Virsa. A bit like the Soup Nazi (though a lot more loving!) he won’t give you a traditional corriander chutney to compliement the kebabs – why spoil his art? Also, the naan are to die for. Expensive. More flaky than than the best French croissant you have had. A meal in of itself. Feast your eyes:

Hope this gave you a glimpse into the essence of Lahore. 

Stay tuned - am working on a second post with next top 5 things to do. More layers to come!  

[Photo Credit: All Salahuddin Khawaja, except walled city - Sabeen Shahid.]